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Work your way through all different challenges and solve the brain teaser's magnetic house drawings and coloring puzzle. Create magnetic houses, magnetic castles, ASMR palace coloring, candy house coloring, colorful 3d architecture buildings, and paint different home styles in this metal book for adults. Challenging neodymium magnetic balls help you to create a stunning 3D version of famous houses with a magnetic makeover. It's not just an excellent way to pass time but also an amazing satisfying tool that will help you to create pixel art masterpieces. Color by number will help you to relieve stress and anxiety by completing a variety of unique anti-stress artworks. Draw, renovate, and decorate house interior with magnet balls - this is the first 3d art book where you can solve the magnet puzzles by coloring house models and make home designs. It is believed that when you create, color, or look at a mandala, you are silently programming the mind to relax and take on the essence of completion. How To Play: - First of all, choose your favorite coloring house category from different voxel house styles. - All magnet houses in the selected category are marked by numbers. - Choose magnet balls and zoom in the model to show the numbers easily. - Rotate the house floor and build a home and paint every single layer in the magnetic style and solve the house puzzle to complete the drawing. - Follow the numbers in each layer and create magnetic houses. - Choose what you like and finish your masterpiece in this magnetic color theory. - A video tutorial will help you to solve the color quest and learn how to make house designs in 3D dimensions with magnet balls. - Remove all ads and unlock all-new puzzles for one month after purchasing subscription mode. - Enjoy the background music while constructing a magnet world 3d with different house designs. - Voxel Color Magnets puts your puzzle skills to the test with its unique gameplay and clever concept. Features: - Various three-dimensional models to build and decorate with different colored magnet balls. - House interior, medieval, castle painting, and classic houses are available for 3d magnet coloring. - Creative jigsaw puzzle game with different art styles of illustrations. - A relaxing activity to clear the mind and calm the artistic soul. - Guaranteed hours of pleasure, relaxation, and relief from stress. - An addictive puzzle game that challenges your brain and sharpens your mental skills. Find all the ways to have fun with magnets and make colorful home designs with the help of magnetic balls. Whether you are on a trip, stay alone at home, in the party, or just want to waste time on the train, this magnetic house coloring app is the best coloring book for all.

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Next Tech Labs

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Next Tech Labs

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Бул колдонмону Microsoft каттоо жазуусуна катталып киргенде алып, онго чейин Windows 10 түзмөктөрүндө орнотуңуз.

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