Merciless Marksman Weapon & Skin DLC Pack
Merciless Marksman Weapon & Skin DLC Pack
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Strike hard and fast with the Merciless Marksman DLC Weapon Pack, featuring four lethal firearms for the ultimate in high-precision warfare. No self- respecting assassin should be without it... To survive more than 5 minutes. Featuring: - HJ 7.62 Sniper Rifle - A rare but superb bolt-action sniper rifle that lends itself to precision shooting with high stability and a low stamina consumption rate. Currently available on the Syberian black market, these beauties will soon fly off the shelf, so act fast... and shoot faster. - Hub-93 Marksman Rifle - An export version of the standard Chinese designated marksman rifle, this semi-automatic killing machine has the quickest zoom-in time of any rifle in-game. Make every second count. - Sturm Military 45 Handgun - A polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistol, which uses a pre-tensioned striker firing system. In layman's terms, its low recoil and rapid sight-alignment makes it the ideal companion in close-quarter warfare. Don't leave home without it. - P5Q Steel Handgun - Developed for law enforcement and security forces, this sidearm's unparalleled mobility allows for swift maneuvering on the battlefield. Become the Ghost Warrior. *Requires Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts base game. Not usable in multiplayer mode.

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