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★Welcome to PlanetCraft. Mine, block craft with survival and creative online games. ★ Play now alone or with friends in the exploration multi crafting and building. Create a mini world 3D. FEATURES: ★ Open world multiplayer with SURVIVAL BLOCK CRAFT and CREATIVE. Build and chat ★ Thousands of fun MINI WORLD 3D created by real players online for lite EXPLORATION ★ Totally for FREE ★ MULTI CRAFTING AND BUILDING recipes for blocks, items, tools, armor for all your needs ★ Wide variety of WEAPON: bow, crossbow, snowball, splash potions etc. ★ Friendly animal and hostile MOBS ★ ADOPT PETS: wolf / ocelot, spawn eggs, RIDE horses ★ MINE & BUILD cube farms by growing different plants. Bone meal to speed up growing process! ★ Infinite size of the cube planet will make EXPLORATION, survival crafting and building experience more fun. Use home point to set a respawn point, navigate faster through a huge mindcraft planet! ★ CLANS. Create your own clan or join existing one. ★ Explore WOODLAND MANSIONS full of chests with great items. But be careful, they are full of new dangerous monsters. ★ Use ENCHANTING. Enhance armor, tools, weapons, items, kraft unique inventory ★ REDSTONE SYSTEM. Build whatever redstone circuits you can imagine ★ 300+ themed SKINS ★ 10+ predefined mini world to start CRAFTING AND BUILDING ★ 3D HD cube graphics, 4+ texture packs, cute sounds ★ Password protected parental control ★ PLAY for free under internet or wifi in online multiplayer games or offline GAME MODES: ► Global SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER allows you to mine resources & mini block craft, fight, interact with real player online on the open world server. ► CREATIVE MULTI PLAYER (Rentable, Renewable) allows you to create amazing buildings 3D according your imagination. Thousands of beautiful creations are waiting for exploration. ► SURVIVAL CRAFT & CREATIVE SINGLE PLAYER for your private joy without need of wi-fi. ► PRIVATE MAPS. Customize your private cube world settings through needs according maps modification access. ★ MINI GAMES: ★ start as a prop, or hunter in Hide & Seek. HIGHLIGHTS: * Open world games * Amazing 3D buildings * Fun lite exploration * Crafting and building recipes * Friendly atmosphere * Multi block craft, chat in real time * Lots of animals * Attacking hostile mobs * Different weapon, enchantment etc. * FREE & FUN & EASY Join mine block craft games with survival online multiplayer. Start creating your awesome mini world now.

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Another amazing update with great new features and gameplay improvements! New features: - Daily Quests in global survival mode. Now you can complete several interesting quests every day and earn free coins! - You will get new quests every day, so make sure to play the game every day and get even more free coins. - New banners which can be colored in 16 different colors. - Added red dot notification for clan chat messages. Now you will not miss them. New Blocks and Items: - Added Banner block. - Added all new wooden blocks like Acacia, Jungle, Dark Oak, Crimson, Warped, etc. Improved: - Clan UI and chat bubbles window - Multiplayer network speed optimization - 3D FPS rendering for weak devices Download and join the game with all your friends, your clan, or alone and have fun! YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9raRQKfSKIekED4aN6Z_Fg DISCORD: https://discord.gg/DRDPXzKJz7 TIKTOK: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRxQob99/ FORUM: https://playlabsmobile.com/planetcraft/forum FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/playlabsmobile/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PlaylabsMobile SITE: https://playlabsmobile.com/


  • Infinite fun in massive survival online: mine, multicraft tons of block recipes, items, potions, weapons
  • Tame pets: cats, dogs. Create iron golem to guard you from enemies
  • Enjoy friendly animals, drop spawn eggs, watch out hostile mobs
  • Farm using different weapons, bone meal to speed up growing process
  • Use different potions, splash potions, explode tnt, make traps, shoot using tipped arrows for your battle royale adventure
  • Infinite size of the planet are making you exploration, mining, crafting and building, survivor expirience more fun. Use home point to set your respawn point
  • Redstone system: create whatever redstone circuits you can imagine
  • Fun exploration craft: explore creations, constructions, kraft realms, mini worlds built by others
  • Main crafting and building. Buildcraft block world, house, village, city, realms. Play alone, play with friends
  • Customize your character by choosing themed skins
  • Use global or privat chat
  • Enjoy hd pixel cube graphics
  • Play for free under internet or wifi in best sandbox construction or survivor exploring online multiplayer games, or play offline game modes

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Playlabs, LLC 2023

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20-ноя 19

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391,31 MБ

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Бул колдонмону Microsoft каттоо жазуусуна катталып киргенде алып, онго чейин Windows 10 түзмөктөрүндө орнотуңуз.

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