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Pocket Singer turns your Windows Phone into collection of ready to sing to tracks and a built in recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. • Record your voice using the built-in microphone • Play your Windows phone like you're at the studio • Save your Songs • Fast Record/Playback/Re-Record • Be a Singer Now • Be a Songwriter Now • Be a Rapper Now We get ideas for songs everywhere, at work, walking, bored out of are mind situations and by the time we are in front of a mic and have the right music the energy is long gone. With Pocket Singer you can capture that feeling and those lyrics instantly. Pick from dozens of royalty free backing tracks and styles and simply record your expression before it passes. Pocket Singer features tracks perfect for: rock, pop, country, rap, R&B, new age, slow ballad, and alternative. Some of the best songs were finished in less than 20 minutes so don't let your work of art get lost forever. Your band is ready at your fingers tips so you can focus on the idea and the tone. Don't worry about the music now just find the track that closest matches your idea and record you vocals with the track. Never play a note or fiddle with different instruments, just instantly record a performance. Pocket Singer takes song creation to the next level.

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