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Every one posses an inner desire to be a part of any noble cause, but most of the time, we cannot make it happen. Robi is delighted to make you a part of such a great contribution for our country. Robi Blood Finder app is made in such a way, that wherever you are - in town or at a village, it will help you to donate blood at your nearest places. We don't live alone. At every step, we need each other's support. For example, when your family member needs a surgery and you are in urgent need of blood, what would you do? You call people and search for blood donors. Its quite a time consuming process. What if this process is brought at your fingertips! How efficient and time saving will that be! Robi Blood Finder is exactly doing that thing. Its a blood bank which is providing you the list of people willing to donate blood. A solution in your of time of need. Go to Microsoft Store, download this app and register yourself to avail the facility. It is a great spirit, a desire to be accountable to our community, by helping others with some taps on your mobile screen. Don't wait for the moment when someone needs blood urgently and you madly run here and there to search for it. Install this app to save their lives instantly.

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