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This is the easiest app for Youtubers to create thumbnails and banners for your Youtube Channel! Need something to create your youtube channel art, then this app has all the tools required to create thumbnails and banners. Tutorial: http://www.fabricj.com/thumbnail-maker-channel-art-maker-logo-maker-banner-maker/ Size can be cropped to 1280x780: The app automatically crops your thumbnail image to 1280x780 so your creation can be uploaded instantly to your favorite youtube videos! Background: Select from multiple backgrounds to create youtube banners. Filters: Apply color enhancing filters over your images for high-quality images. Import own image: Get image from the album - Import your own picture on the background image to add as a thumbnail design Banner Maker - Scroll and select among hundreds of graphics to create a brand new banner. Add typography fonts: Add uniquely crafted fonts over your designs to attract youtube viewer's attention. Save your content in both JPG or PNG Just a few steps and you can create perfect custom video thumbnails and Channel Art Maker. Create compelling thumbnail, channel art and banner of videos in YouTube thumbnail maker! You can add any ideas to the work with a powerful Youtube studio toolkit. Thumbnail and banner maker app is jointly made for several YouTubers who knows the importance of having a good channel art design to attract their viewers. We know how important a thumbnail and banner is for a YouTube user. Create extraordinary banners with this great app. Download now to get access to its full features with additional editing options. You have done it - finally, you have filmed and edited your youtube video that will put all the internet’s clips put together to shame. Support- Tutorial: http://www.fabricj.com/thumbnail-maker-channel-art-maker-logo-maker-banner-maker/ Web: http://www.fabricj.com Email: sandpiperstudio@hotmail.com

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Sandpiper Studio

Аркылуу иштеп чыгарылган

Sandpiper Studio

Чыгарылган күнү

5-фев 21

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62,2 MБ

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3 жана андан жогорку курактагылар үчүн

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