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Tricount is the best solution and simplest way to split group bills and expenses. Tricount makes sorting out your expenses easy when you organize group activities like trips, vacations, citytrips, ski, holidays, meals, gifts and when you share flat expenses with roommates. Create your group expenses reports directly on your mobile during your activity. Enter the participant names and their expenses, Tricount calculates the money owed and debts of everyone. You can upload the report with the breakdown on http://www.tricount.com and the URL of the Tricount may be shared by e-mail. In that way, a participant can correct the data you have added before starting a transaction or paying back. FEATURED ON FORBES: "With Tricount, you can create a group expense report on your phone. It tracks spending by person, and then splits up how much each individual owes or is owed from the total balance. When you’re ready to share the final breakdown, the app sends each person a link to Tricount’s site to review the data. "

FEATURED ON BUSINESS INSIDER: “Next time you organize a group activity, Tricount will split up the expenses for you”. Tricount makes sorting out and divvying your group expenses and the accounting easy when you organize activities (for example: ski, citytrip, holidays with classroom, flatmates etc.) For any reason, for shared accounts, short reckonings or split of a transaction, it is the best solution. People sometimes do it via excel, csv file, in a table or via a spreedsheet but a easier and effective solution exists to breakdown the costs, sharing an expense reports, list tickets and encode a spending. It’s Tricount. It does the accounting and balance the cost for your ski holiday. It let you breakdown the budget of a group or classroom and to do accounting. It helps to track expenses during holidays. It can be used by couples, between colleagues, roommates, flatmates or in the classroom. It is a simple tool to calculate what each participant must pay to balance spending, balance things, breakdown it and calculate how much everyone owes or is owned. It replaces the pot on vacation or excel sheet of the budget. Tricount calculates the budget for each participant: it says the cost of your holidays and or the budget of any activity of your classroom. Some people are looking for "tric count", "tri count", "tri-count" or "tricompte" in French. Short reckonings make good friends, the app says "who pays and why" for an activity. It offers the spendings in a transparent way to let you know what will be your transaction. This tool will make the life more easy during a trip with your classroom. You know the debt of everyone: I owe you, you owe me (IOU). You can manage an account, track reckonings, do accounting, check spendings, balancing the cost and calcule what everyone owes and paid. There are many situations where it is useful as: any activities with roommate, flatmates, for a weekend, holiday, in an association. It's a free solution, useful in a restaurant, when travelling, in sorties, lunches, for non-profit organizations, for sandwiches, a city trip, a road trip, a hike with friends and expe, expeditions. For activities requiring a budget and a transaction, it’s the solution. Among friends, between friends or in a group, it serves you every day. It is also useful for collocation with colleagues on ski holidays. It replaces the common pot or box. It sync (sync) with tricount.com: it can be exchanged via email, the web, uploads to iPhone and Android, but also on facebook via an coded link (a URL). It’s very useful for weekends and when traveling. Use it to split transactions in the classroom instead of titcoins or bitcoins.

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