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Cook, Grill and Bake your way to greatness in this free time management cooking game! Your Virtual Family needs to grow their House Flipping fund, and you’re going to help them reach their goal - one feast at a time in their own personal backyard restaurant! 🍴😍🍴 Become a top chef, making gourmet food and drinks from around the world! 🌍 Manage your time to beat the dinner dash and dish out the delicious, from pizza to burgers, sushi and cupcakes and so much more! The house isn’t going to flip itself! Spend your hard-earned dough and renovate and decorate the house and yard the way you want it. Maximize the property value and move to bigger, better homes! Fire up the grill, mix your marinades, become a chef and start your very own Cook-Off now! Fun and Challenging Levels! 🍪🍳 • As a chef cook gourmet meals for you guests • Replay family memories • Expand your cooking technique with every level • Serve customers from your backyard restaurant Fun foods from around the world! 🌎🍜🍝🍕 • Cook up delicious meals from New York to Hong Kong, and everywhere in between! • Upgrade your dishes to maximize serving size and profit • Amazing kitchen upgrades Develop a cooking strategy! 💰 • Blast through memory levels for bonus coins • Serve your food fast to get all the likes • Challenge yourself with unlimited dishes in timed levels Fun chef games are free to play! 🏆 • Time management kitchen cooking meets home renovation and decoration! • Bake, grill and fry delicious foods in the kitchen for your hungry guests! • Serve your family and the whole neighborhood! Upgrade every food and preparation item in the game! 💎 • Upgrade your foods to become more valuable • Update your kitchen gear to increase capacity and decrease prep time • Become a master chef in this time management game Cook all the classic restaurant foods in this free kitchen cooking game! 🍔 • Cook juicy hamburgers, hearty American steaks, mouth-watering Italian pizza, gelato, pasta and risotto! • Whip up Mexican breakfast bowls with eggs, avocado and chorizo! • Serve up savory Japanese sushi, classic Canadian maple poutine or Jamaican jerk chicken! • Bake 3 milks cake, super sweet cupcakes and so much more! Decorate and renovate your home! • Give your family home a complete makeover • Renovate and decorate different houses, restaurants and so much more! • The options are endless for your virtual home To stay up to date on the latest Virtual Families: Cookoff news visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Virtual-Families-Cook-Off-268634747356498/

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We're always working hard to make Virtual Families: Cookoff better for our players! This update includes under the hood additions and bug fixes. Thanks for playing!


  • Cook DELICIOUS Gourmet Meals!
  • Master THOUSANDS of Dishes!
  • Rebuild a MASSIVE Mansion!
  • Renovate GORGEOUS Homes!
  • Host FANCY Events!

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