Inside Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Web Services

Inside Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Web Services
Published:November 28, 2007Language:English
Author:David Sterling; Benjamin Spain; Michael Mainer; Mark Taylor; Huw UpshallTechnology:Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Length:928 PagesISBN 13:9780735623927

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About The BookGet deep, architectural insights for developing messaging and collaboration applications.

Dive deep into the architecture of Exchange Web Services—and master the intricacies for accessing data with the new, unifying API. Exchange Web Services offers new functionality, replacing old, disparate APIs. Written by members of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Web Services product teams at Microsoft, this practical guide introduces developers to Exchange Web Services. It includes comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the architecture and key features, including messaging, folders, calendaring, tasks, notifications, searching, availability, and autodiscovery. Developers who are moving applications using previous APIs to Exchange Web Services will learn how to determine the correct Web services constructs—and the implications of those decisions. In addition, developers writing new software will develop a well-grounded understanding of the methods available and how to structure interaction with Exchange Server 2007 for maximum benefit and performance. This book assumes only knowledge of how to write HTTP requests, but it provides proxy examples in Microsoft Visual C#®.
About David Sterling; Benjamin Spain; Michael Mainer; Mark Taylor; Huw UpshallDavid Sterling is a software developer with 11 years’ experience. Before joining the Microsoft Exchange Web Services team, he developed software for various industries including electronic voting, CRM, and pharmaceuticals.

Benjamin Spain is a software tester on the Exchange Client Access team. A seven-year veteran at Microsoft, he has worked on third-party messaging protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, DAV, and NNTP.

Michael Mainer is a programming writer for the Exchange Server team at Microsoft where he has developed technical documentation for five years.

Mark Taylor has nine years’ experience as a software development engineer and has spent the past five years working on the Exchange Server team at Microsoft.

Huw Upshall has nearly 10 years’ experience working on the Exchange Server team at Microsoft and is currently a test architect for Exchange Client Access Server.
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