Programming Microsoft® Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory

Programming Microsoft® Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory
Published:July 25, 2007Language:English
Author:David S. PlattTechnology:Windows Vista
Length:224 PagesISBN 13:9780735624146

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About The BookLearn a classroom-tested method for building robust, composite smart-client applications.

Get practical, hands-on instruction for learning the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and the Smart Client Software Factory. Using just your fundamental Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C# skills, you’ll work through seven lessons that present real-world scenarios. Each lesson is based on proven classroom guidance—building the skills your need to easily create user interface components for smart-client solutions.

Discover how to:

  • Generate a shell application and implement prefabricated or custom CAB services

  • Use work items and controllers to share resources in loosely coupled applications

  • Optimize visual information display by using Workspaces and SmartParts

  • Add and modify menus, toolbars, and status bars by using the CAB user interface extension

  • Announce and receive asynchronous events within an application

  • Invoke methods in the Action Catalog service to coordinate application business-logic

  • Match CAB constructs to Windows Presentation Foundation
  • About David S. PlattA Microsoft Software Legend since 1992, David S. Platt is a developer, consultant, author, and “.NET Professor” at Harvard University. He’s written nearly a dozen books, including INTRODUCING MICROSOFT .NET, THIRD EDITION. David’s company, Rolling Thunder Computer, offers classes in CAB, the .NET Framework, and ACORD XML.
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