Programming Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Developer Reference, Fourth Edition

Programming Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Developer Reference, Fourth Edition
Published:October 10, 2007Language:English
Author:Douglas BolingTechnology:Windows Embedded CE 6.0
Length:720 PagesISBN 13:9780735624177

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$ 69.99
About The BookYour authoritative guide to developing applications for embedded and mobile devices.

Get the popular, practical reference to developing small footprint applications—now updated for the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 kernel. Written by an authority on embedded application development, this book focuses in on core operating concepts and the Win32 API. It delivers extensive code samples and sample projects—helping you build proficiency creating innovative Windows applications for a new generation of devices.

Discover how to:

  • Create complex applications designed for the unique requirements of embedded devices

  • Manage virtual memory, heaps, and the stack to minimize your memory footprint

  • Create multithreaded processes and handle events

  • Use the Storage Manager to manage disparate file systems and volumes

  • Store simple groups of data with the database API

  • Read and write registry data, and enumerate keys and values

  • Schedule user, timer event, system event, and bubble notifications

  • Connect to wired and wireless networks, PCs, and other devices

  • Companion Web site includes:
  • Code samples in Microsoft Visual C++

  • Files for sample projects
  • About Douglas BolingDouglas Boling is a widely recognized expert on Windows CE. He is the founder of a consulting company specializing in Windows CE projects and teaches classes on Windows CE and Windows Mobile to corporations around the globe. Doug is a popular speaker at industry events, including the Windows Embedded Developer Conference.
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