Windows® Presentation Foundation 4: A Scenario-Based Approach

Windows® Presentation Foundation 4: A Scenario-Based Approach
Published:July 28, 2010Language:English
Author:Billy HollisTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Length:544 PagesISBN 13:9780735624184

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About The BookThe practical, example-driven approach to learning and applying Windows Presentation Foundation capabilities

Get a practical, scenario-based introduction to developing applications with Windows Presentation Foundation—and deliver a richer, high-fidelity experience for users. Written by Microsoft Software Legend Billy Hollis, this guide walks you through four scenarios that cover a broad spectrum of potential Windows Presentation Foundation-based applications. You’ll build your knowledge of Windows Presentation Foundation features and capabilities by seeing them in the context of working, real-world applications, including:1. A minimal shopping application hosted in a browser2. A typical “forms-over-data” application that demonstrates the superior layout, adaptability, and interactive capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation3. A basic, “skinnable” media application that enables the user to mark over the media screen view4. A simple data visualization application that includes both 2-D flat presentation and 3-D presentation in a viewportBy working through each pragmatic example, you’ll get the guidance and insights you need to enrich the user experience and create visually stunning applications. Book also features extensive code samples in Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C#.
About Billy HollisBilly Hollis is a nationally recognized expert on the Microsoft .NET Framework. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, and Microsoft Software Legend. Billy has authored or coauthored eight books, including Professional VB.NET 2003. Billy operates .NET Masters, a company that develops custom applications, primarily for the healthcare industry. He is active in INETA and is a regular speaker at industry events such as TechEd and VSLive.
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