How We Test Software at Microsoft®

How We Test Software at Microsoft®
Published:December 10, 2008Language:English
Author:Alan Page; Ken Johnston; Bj RollisonTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Length:448 PagesISBN 13:9780735624252

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About The BookGet the inside story on how Microsoft manages its software-testing process.

It may surprise you to learn that Microsoft employs as many software testers as developers. Less surprising is the emphasis the company places on the testing discipline—and its role in managing quality across a diverse, 150+ product portfolio.

This book—written by three of Microsoft’s most prominent test professionals—shares the best practices, tools, and systems used by the company’s 9,000-strong corps of testers. Learn how your colleagues at Microsoft design and manage testing, their approach to training and career development, and what challenges they see ahead. Most important, you’ll
get practical insights you can apply for better results in your organization.

Discover how to:
  • Design effective tests and run them throughout the product lifecycle

  • Minimize cost and risk with functional tests, and know when to apply structural techniques

  • Measure code complexity to identify bugs and potential maintenance issues

  • Use models to generate test cases, surface unexpected application behavior, and manage risk

  • Know when to employ automated tests, design them for long-term use, and plug into an automation infrastructure

  • Review the hallmarks of great testers—and the tools they use to run tests, probe systems, and track progress efficiently

  • Explore the challenges of testing services vs. shrink-wrapped software

  • About Alan Page; Ken Johnston; Bj RollisonAlan Page is Director of Test Excellence where he oversees technical training and provides consulting for Microsoft testers. He’s one of Microsoft’s first Test Architects and has worked on various versions of Windows® and Windows CE.

    Ken Johnston is Group Manager for the Microsoft® Office Internet Platform and Operations team. He is a former Test Lead, Test Manager, and Director of Test Excellence.

    Bj Rollison is a Test Architect on the Engineering Excellence team. Rollison worked on numerous product releases and later became Director of Test. He’s also a trade-journal writer and conference speaker, and teaches testing at the university level.
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