Windows® via C/C++, Fifth Edition

Windows® via C/C++, Fifth Edition
Published:November 28, 2007Language:English
Author:Jeffrey Richter (Wintellect); Christophe NasarreTechnology:N/A
Length:848 PagesISBN 13:9780735624245

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About The BookGet the preeminent guide for programming Windows in Microsoft Visual C++.

Get the preeminent guide to programming application for Windows with C++. Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows is a classic book (formerly titled Advanced Windows, Third Edition) and is now fully updated for Windows Vista, including the latest information about Windows XP. In-depth and comprehensive, this essential reference covers the Windows operating system and how to program at the API level. Recognized experts provide an inside view of how Windows works and how to use its features in Visual C++ development tasks. Topics covered include processes, thread pooling, virtual memory, DLLs, file I/O, and message crackers. For systems-level programmers, this is a must-have title. Includes code samples in Visual C++.
About Jeffrey Richter (Wintellect); Christophe NasarreJeffrey Richter is a cofounder of Wintellect (—a training, debugging, and consulting firm dedicated to helping companies build better software faster. He is the author of several well-known programming books on Windows and the Microsoft .NET Framework, including CLR via C#. Jeffrey is a contributing editor and columnist for MSDN Magazine and a popular speaker at industry conferences, such as VSLive! and Tech
  • Ed.

    Christophe Nasarre is a software architect and development lead for Business Objects, a multinational software company focused on business intelligence solutions. He has worked as a technical editor on numerous books and written several articles for MSDN Magazine.
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