Programming Microsoft® Robotics Studio

Programming Microsoft® Robotics Studio
Published:March 12, 2008Language:English
Author:Sara MorganTechnology:Windows Vista
Length:288 PagesISBN 13:9780735624320

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About The BookVisualize, build, and deploy the next innovation in robotic applications.

Get the practical reference to programming robotic applications using the Microsoft Robotics Studio. Ideal for programmers familiar with Windows®–based development using Microsoft Visual Studio® and the Microsoft .NET Framework, this guide shows how to use the services provided in the Robotics Studio to handle navigation and remote control, speech, video, and intelligent behavior in a robotic device. It covers the Visual Programming Language included in Robotics Studio, and offers illuminating code examples in Microsoft Visual C#®.
About Sara MorganSara Morgan, MCSD, MCDBA, is an independent developer and author specializing in robotics and speech technologies. She has extensive experience with Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio, and has written numerous articles on Microsoft Robotics Studio for and MSDN Magazine. In 2007 she was named a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Office Communications Server.
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