Programming Windows® Services with Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008

Programming Windows® Services with Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008
Published:January 30, 2008Language:English
Author:Michael GernaeyTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Length:352 PagesISBN 13:9780735624337

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About The BookYour essential guide for developing powerful, customized Windows services

Get the practical reference to developing Windows services with Visual Basic 2008. Addressing the leading trend of software as a service, this guide illustrates how developers with intermediate Visual Basic skills can design and implement Web services. It addresses a critical gap in the developer literature today, showing that services can be developed with Visual Basic 2008—and are not restricted to XML-based applications or Microsoft Visual C#®. Software as a service is changing the dynamic between rich and thin clients. As device types multiply, users expect “always-on” connectivity to link them to the robust Web and corporate applications they use on the desktop. Services, which offload data storage and processing tasks to a server, run efficiently on Web platforms on any device. Services do not need to be a complex coding task—and this is the ideal resource for creating modern, service-oriented applications. It covers integration of services with other Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft BizTalk® Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), and Microsoft SQL Server™. Plus, you’ll get extensive code snippets and sample applications.
About Michael GernaeyDuring more than 10 years at Microsoft, senior consultant Michael Gernaey has designed and written many large-scale application solutions for customers and focused on providing guidance to Visual Basic programmers on how to create robust, modern, service-oriented applications.
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