Windows Vista®: Home Entertainment with Windows® Media Center and Xbox 360™

Windows Vista®: Home Entertainment with Windows® Media Center and Xbox 360™
Published:September 26, 2007Language:English
Author:S.E. Slack and Greg SlackTechnology:Windows Vista
Length:384 PagesISBN 13:9780735624481

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About The BookThe ultimate guide to creating a home entertainment system—written by a family for your family!

Connect! Create! Play! And discover digital home entertainment made easy with Windows Vista, Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360. This book is full of activities that help you create a vivid entertainment experience in every room of your home. It’s loaded with easy how-to’s, helpful hints, and troubleshooting tips to help you focus on the fun. Let your imagination run wild and take a front row seat as you enjoy eye-popping graphics, 3D gaming on the big screen, and stunning cinematic experiences—all with one remote!

Discover how to:
  • Transform one PC into a hub for entertainment throughout your entire home

  • Bring home the concert hall and movie theater with dazzling sound and hi-def, big-screen picture

  • Create digital slide shows, home movies, photo albums, and music libraries to share throughout the home

  • Rent and download movies, record your favorite shows, watch them on your time

  • Game on! Download the hottest games or your retro favorites, and match wits online

  • Customize your system and set parental controls to meet the needs of the whole family
  • About S.E. Slack and Greg SlackS.E. Slack is passionate about teaching users how to get more from their PCs. She has written several computer books, including Breakthrough Windows Vista: Find your Favorite Features and Discover the Possibilities. She also contributes to Web sites, including Microsoft At Home, and Windows Vista Community.

    Greg Slack, MCSE, is an experienced IT professional and a high-tech gadget wizard. In his own home, he created a jaw-dropping Windows Vista–based entertainment system complete with surround sound in every room—bringing his favorite action movies to life. Now, he brings his digital media expertise to your family. Warning—your neighbors might get jealous!
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