Windows® Server 2008 Hyper-V Resource Kit

Windows® Server 2008 Hyper-V Resource Kit
Published:June 10, 2009Language:English
Author:Robert Larson and Janique Carbone with the Windows Virtualization Team at MicrosoftTechnology:Windows Server 2008
Length:800 PagesISBN 13:9780735625174

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About The BookYour definitive resource for deployment and operations—straight from the experts.

In-depth and comprehensive, this official RESOURCE KIT delivers the information you need to plan, implement, and manage a virtualized enterprise infrastructure. Covers R2 features. You get authoritative technical guidance from those who know the technology best—leading industry experts and the Windows Virtualization Team—along with sample scripts, job aids, and other essential resources. Get expert advice on how to:
  • Manage the project visioning phase—scope, risks, budget
  • Design Hyper-V server infrastructure and components
  • Apply the steps and tools that streamline installation
  • Configure single or multiple Hyper-V servers
  • Plan a server workload consolidation strategy
  • Use console-based tools to manage central and remote operations
  • Minimize downtime when migrating from Microsoft Virtual Server to Hyper-V
  • Apply security best practices
  • Implement business continuity and recovery plans
  • Monitor health and tune performance CD features:
  • Library of Windows PowerShell scripts for automating Hyper-V management tasks
  • Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions From Desktop to Datacenter eBook
  • Job aids and links to useful virtualization-related resources and tools
  • Fully searchable eBook of this guide
  • About Robert Larson and Janique Carbone with the Windows Virtualization Team at MicrosoftRobert Larson is an Architect with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) who focuses on infrastructure optimization and virtualization. He helps customers plan and design server and datacenter consolidation projects, and shares his virtualization expertise via Tech
  • Ed, TechNet webcasts, industry journals, and his blog. Janique Carbone, MCSE, runs a training and consulting firm specializing in core infrastructure and virtualization technologies. As a former Microsoft Senior Consultant, she worked with enterprise customers and developed several training courses on Virtual PC, Virtual Server, and Active Directory. Janique and Robert are coauthors of the Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Resource Kit. The Windows Virtualization Team designs, develops, and tests Microsoft virtualization technologies.
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