Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008 Step by Step

Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008 Step by Step
Published:January 16, 2008Language:English
Author:Michael HalvorsonTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Length:576 PagesISBN 13:9780735625372

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About The BookYour first look at building rich interactive applications using Silverlight.

Teach yourself the fundamentals of working with Visual Basic 2008—one step at a time. With STEP BY STEP, you work at your own pace through hands-on, learn-by-doing exercises. Whether you’re a beginning programmer or new to this specific language, you’ll understand the core capabilities and fundamental techniques for Visual Basic 2008—and rapidly build robust, elegant applications. Each chapter puts you to work, showing you how, when, and why to use the latest features of Visual Basic—guiding you each step of the way as you create actual components and working applications for Windows. You’ll also explore data management and Web-based development topics. PLUS—get practice files with sample code and data sets on the companion CD.
About Michael HalvorsonMichael Halvorson has written more than 30 books, including the popular MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2005 STEP BY STEP, MICROSOFT OFFICE XP INSIDE OUT, and MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 6.0 PROFESSIONAL STEP BY STEP. A former Visual Basic localization manager at Microsoft, Michael is a professor at Pacific Lutheran University.
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