Introducing Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.0

Introducing Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.0
Published:October 17, 2007Language:English
Author:Laurence MoroneyTechnology:N/A
Length:256 PagesISBN 13:9780735625396

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About The BookYour first look at building rich interactive applications using Silverlight.

developing next-generation applications. This practical introduction delivers advance insights and extensive code samples—simplifying the way you implement compelling user experiences for the Web.

Discover how to:

  • Use XAML to define layouts, complex shapes, and other visual elements

  • Implement transforms and animations to bring your user interface to life

  • Enable audio and video playback, including streaming media and progressive download

  • Build interactive applications that support inking with a stylus, mouse, or touchscreen

  • Support an object-oriented program model with JavaScript

  • Dynamically generate XAML server side from ASP.NET, J2EE, and PHP applications

  • Get a look at Silverlight 1.1, including managed code and dynamic language features

  • PLUS—Get XAML and JavaScript code samples on the Web
    About Laurence MoroneyLaurence Moroney is a Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, specializing in Silverlight and user experience. He has more than a decade of experience in software development and architecture, and is the author of several books on Microsoft ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, Web services security, and interoperability.
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