Inside Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: T-SQL Programming

Inside Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: T-SQL Programming
Published:September 23, 2009Language:English
Author:Itzik Ben-Gan, Dejan Sarka, Roger Wolter, Greg Low, Ed Katibah, Isaac Kunen (Solid Quality Mentors)Technology:Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Length:832 PagesISBN 13:9780735626027

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About The BookGet the in-depth architectural insights you need to exploit advanced T-SQL programming techniques.

Get a detailed look at the internal architecture of T-SQL with this comprehensive programming reference. Database developers and administrators get best practices, expert techniques, and code samples to master the intricacies of this programming language—solving complex problems with real-world solutions.Discover how to:
  • Work with T-SQL and CLR user-defined functions, stored procedures, and triggers.
  • Handle transactions, concurrency, and error handling.
  • Efficiently use temporary objects, including temporary tables, table variables, and table expressions.
  • Evaluate when to use set-based programming techniques and when to use cursors.
  • Work with dynamic SQL in an efficient and secure manner.
  • Treat date- and time-related data in a robust manner.
  • Develop CLR user-defined types and learn about temporal support in the relational model.
  • Use XML and XQuery and implement a dynamic schema solution.
  • Work with spatial data using the new geometry and geography types and spatial indexes.
  • Track access and changes to data using extended events, SQL Server Audit, change tracking, and change data capture.
  • Use Service Broker for controlled asynchronous processing in database applications.All the book’s code samples will be available for download from the companion Web site.
  • About Itzik Ben-Gan, Dejan Sarka, Roger Wolter, Greg Low, Ed Katibah, Isaac Kunen (Solid Quality Mentors)Itzik Ben-Gan, SQL Server MVP since 1999, is a mentor and cofounder of Solid Quality Mentors who teaches and consults internationally on T-SQL querying, programming, and query tuning. He has written numerous books and articles, and presented at Tech
  • Ed, DevWeek, PASS, and SQL Server Magazine Connections.
    Dejan Sarka is a SQL Server MVP and an expert on the relational model. A mentor at Solid Quality Mentors, Dejan focuses on database and business intelligence solutions. Roger Wolter is an architect on the Microsoft IT MDM team whose past projects include SQL Server Service Broker, SQLXML, and Master Data Services. Greg Low, PhD, is a Microsoft Regional Director, SQL Server MVP, and instructor for the Microsoft Certified Masters program for SQL Server 2008. Ed Katibah, a program manager on the SQL Server Strategy, Infrastructure, and Architecture Team, specializes in spatially-enabled database systems. Isaac Kunen is a program manager on the SQL Server Engine Programmability Team who helped develop spatial data support in SQL Server 2008.
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