Windows PowerShell 2.0 Best Practices

Windows PowerShell 2.0 Best Practices
Published:December 16, 2009Language:English
Author:Ed Wilson with the Windows PowerShell Teams at MicrosoftTechnology:Windows Server 2008
Length:752 PagesISBN 13:9780735626461

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About The BookExpert recommendations, pragmatically applied.

Apply best practices for automating system administration with Windows PowerShell 2.0—and optimize your operational efficiency and results. This guide captures the field-tested tips, real-world lessons, and candid advice of practitioners across the range of business and technical scenarios and across the scripting life cycle. Discover how to:
  • Take advantage of new features and cmdlets in Windows PowerShell 2.0
  • Plan scripting usage scenarios and define standards
  • Deploy Windows PowerShell 2.0 to desktops and servers
  • Configure scripting environments
  • Optimize remote scripting capabilities
  • Work with Active Directory® and WMI
  • Design functions and modules
  • Optimize input and output
  • Handle errors
  • Document scripts
  • Test and troubleshoot scripts
  • Avoid scripting pitfallsThe companion CD includes a fully searchable eBook and sample scripts
  • About Ed Wilson with the Windows PowerShell Teams at MicrosoftED WILSON is a senior consultant at Microsoft Corporation and a scripting expert who manages the Microsoft TechNet Script Center. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who delivers an immensely popular VBScript workshop to Microsoft employees and customers worldwide, along with numerous networking and administration classes. He’s written several books on Windows scripting, including MICROSOFT WINDOWS SCRIPTING WITH WMI: SELF-PACED LEARNING GUIDE and MICROSOFT WINDOWS SCRIPTING SELF-PACED LEARNING GUIDE. Ed holds more than 20 industry certifications, including MCSE and CISSP.
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