The Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 Toolkit: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Step by Step and Create Dynamic Charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Beyond

The Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 Toolkit:  Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Step by Step and Create Dynamic Charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Beyond
Published:April 15, 2009Language:English
Author:Curtis D. Frye, Reinhold ScheckTechnology:Microsoft Office Excel 2007
Length:1040 PagesISBN 13:9780735627079

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About The BookYour all-in-one resource for increasing your effectiveness with Excel 2007!

Sharpen your data analysis and presentation skills—and increase your impact—with this two-in-one toolkit. Master Excel 2007 fundamentals at your own pace with STEP BY STEP. Then discover how to create more-powerful and compelling charts—and really distinguish yourself from the crowd. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Step by Step: Teach yourself how to organize, analyze, and present data with Excel 2007—one step at a time!
  • Create formulas, calculate values, and analyze data
  • Use charts and graphics to present data visually
  • Build PivotTable dynamic views
  • Exchange data between Excel and other Office docs
  • Protect workbooks you share over the Web
  • Create macros to automate repetitive tasks CD includes: Skill-building practice files
  • Fully searchable eBook
  • Bonus eReferences Create Dynamic Charts with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Beyond: Maximize the impact of your ideas and data! Learn how to turn flat, static charts into dynamic solutions—where you can visualize and manipulate data countless ways with a simple mouse click.
  • See how design decisions affect perception and comprehension
  • Match the right chart type to your communication goal
  • Use a five-step approach to visualize and build your solution
  • Apply the science of color
  • Add drop-down lists and scroll bars—no coding
  • Dynamically highlight and analyze data
  • Unleash your chart-making creativity! CD includes: 150+ customizable charts for various business scenarios
  • Fully searchable eBook
  • Bonus content and resources
  • About Curtis D. Frye, Reinhold ScheckCurtis D. Frye is a coauthor of MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2003 PROGRAMMING INSIDE OUT and the author of MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2003 STEP BY STEP, MICROSOFT EXCEL VERSION 2002 PLAIN & SIMPLE, FASTER SMARTER HOME NETWORKING, several books on Microsoft Access, and numerous online training courses. Reinhold Scheck is a data solutions expert who developed the dynamic charts methodology described in this book. As a consultant and educator, Scheck helps organizations maximize their effectiveness with Microsoft Excel. He's written four books and designed and delivered training seminars across Europe.
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