The Microsoft Project Management 2007 Toolkit: Microsoft® Office Project 2007 Step by Step and In the Trenches with Microsoft Office Project 2007

The Microsoft Project Management 2007 Toolkit: Microsoft® Office Project 2007 Step by Step and In the Trenches with Microsoft Office Project 2007
Published:April 15, 2009Language:English
Author:Carl Chatfield, Timothy Johnson, Elaine J. MarmelTechnology:Microsoft Office Project 2007
Length:912 PagesISBN 13:9780735627062

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About The BookThe essential, all-in-one resource for project managers!

Sharpen your project-management skills—and increase your impact!—with this two-in-one toolkit. Master Project 2007 fundamentals at your own pace with STEP BY STEP. From there, you’ll go IN THE TRENCHES—gaining gritty, real-world advice for tackling tough challenges every day! Microsoft Office Project 2007 Step by Step: Teach yourself core project-management skills with Project 2007—one step at a time!
  • Forge and fine-tune your project plan
  • Manage tasks, resources, dependencies
  • Monitor progress and track costs
  • Visualize project data with Gantt Chart views
  • Troubleshoot issues—and keep projects on track Your STEP BY STEP CD features: Skill-building practice files
  • Fully searchable eBook
  • Bonus eReferences In the Trenches with Microsoft Office Project 2007: Tame your toughest project-management challenges by applying the right Project 2007 tools and techniques to the job. See how different approaches affect your results—and make the best decisions for your project. Learn the most effective ways to:
  • Define project scope and goals
  • Drive a project plan and schedule
  • Organize and deploy resources
  • Monitor and communicate status
  • Manage cuts in budget and resources
  • Get management buy-in on changes
  • Resolve cross-project conflicts
  • Get wayward projects back in line
  • Solve real problems in real time
  • About Carl Chatfield, Timothy Johnson, Elaine J. MarmelCarl Chatfield and Timothy Johnson are the authors of the popular MICROSOFT PROJECT 2000 STEP BY STEP and MICROSOFT PROJECT VERSION 2002 STEP BY STEP, both from Microsoft Press®. Carl is User Assistance Manager for the Microsoft Project team. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with extensive knowledge of Project. Timothy is a technical editor with the Microsoft Project User Assistance group, and previously worked as a Project support professional for six years. He possesses in-depth technical knowledge about the software. Elaine J. Marmel, MBA, has worked closely with the Microsoft Project development team, contributing technical feedback on a number of software betas. She is the author of the popular MICROSOFT PROJECT 2007 BIBLE, and president of a technical writing and software training firm.
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