Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices
Published:July 15, 2010Language:English
Author:Siegfried Jagott and Joel Stidley with the Microsoft Exchange Server TeamTechnology:Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Length:880 PagesISBN 13:9780735627192

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About The BookExpert recommendations, pragmatically applied.

Covers Service Pack 1! Apply best practices for administering Exchange Server 2010 and SP1—and optimize your operational efficiency and results. This guide captures the field-tested solutions, real-world lessons, and candid advice of practitioners across the range of business and technical scenarios—and across the IT life cycle. Gain expert insights on what works, where to make tradeoffs, and how to implement the best decisions for your organization. Discover how to:
  • Apply scenario-based guidance for planning and deployment
  • Prepare Active Directory® and the server environment
  • Validate requirements and understand configuration tradeoffs
  • Learn best ways to manage users, mailboxes, and permissions
  • Optimize message routing and security
  • Design and implement Unified Messaging and federated delegation
  • Define your archiving and compliance strategy
  • Build high availability into your backup and recovery plan
  • Monitor and tune performance
  • Apply proven troubleshooting tactics. Companion Web content features: Checklists, planning worksheets, and other job aids
  • Quick Reference Guide to best practices, including recommended configurations
  • Fast-reference card for using Windows PowerShell™.
  • About Siegfried Jagott and Joel Stidley with the Microsoft Exchange Server TeamSiegfried Jagott, MCSE, is a senior architect who specializes in Windows®, messaging, and collaboration topics. He is coauthor of MCITP: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Messaging Design and Deployment Study Guide: Exams 70-237 and 70-238.Joel Stidley has been working with Exchange Server since the 5.0 beta releases. He is a principal systems architect who helps design hosting services, including a cloud-based computing product. He is the author of Windows PowerShell for Exchange Server 2007 SP1.
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