HTML5 Step by Step

HTML5 Step by Step
Published:January 26, 2011Language:English
Author:Faithe WempenTechnology:Microsoft Word 2010
Length:432 PagesISBN 13:9780735645264

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About The BookTeach yourself how to create Web pages with the HTML5 specification—one step at a time. This book provides hands-on guidance for using HTML5 markup to add video, offline capabilities, 2-D graphics, and more to your Web pages.

Experience learning made easy—and quickly teach yourself how to create Web pages with the HTML5 specification. With Step by Step, you set the pace—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!

  • Use a division-based layout to structure your Web pages

  • Include menu bars and hyperlinks for clear navigation

  • Apply colors, font sizes, and other formatting with CSS

  • Add graphics, sound, and video to your pages

  • Use the Canvas tag to render visual images on the fly

  • Build user-input forms with buttons, boxes, and menus

  • Your Step by Step digital content includes:

  • All the book's practice files—ready to download and put to work. See "Using the Practice Files," inside.

  • Fully searchable online edition of this book—with unlimited access on the Web. Free online account required; see inside book
  • About Faithe WempenFaithe Wempen, M.A., is an adjunct instructor of Computer Technology at Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, and the author of many books on PC hardware and software. She also develops Web sites for businesses and non-profit organizations, and writes and teaches online computer training courses for corporate clients.
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