Introducing Microsoft® WebMatrix™

Introducing Microsoft® WebMatrix™
Published:May 15, 2011Language:English
Author:Laurence MoroneyTechnology:Microsoft ASP.NET 4
Length:320 PagesISBN 13:9780735649705

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About The BookEverything you need to build fully-functional, scalable web sites--in one tool.

WebMatrix gives developers a "one-stop-shop" for obtaining and installing a complete Microsoft Web stack, including a full-featured development Web server, SQL Server, and a new easy-to-learn, in-line development language called Razor that's tailor-made to simplify building Web content, and an IDE to pull all your development into one easy tool. WebMatrix even supports non-Microsoft technologies and languages such as PHP and MySQL. And it's all free! In addition, you get:

  • JavaScript library support

  • Built-in tools for search engine optimization

  • Powerful debugging tools

  • One-click deployment tools

  • A seamless path for scaling sites

  • Traffic analysis tools

  • About Laurence MoroneyLaurence Moroney is a Senior Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, focusing on Silverlight and the user experience. He has more than a decade of experience in software development and implementation, and has written dozens of books and articles on Windows Presentation Foundation, Web development, security, and interoperability.

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