Integrating PHP with Windows®

Integrating PHP with Windows®
Published:October 15, 2011Language:English
Author:Arno HollosiTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Length:664 PagesISBN 13:9780735647916

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About The BookAccess and run Windows® web and database technologies with PHP

Take your PHP programming skills deep into Windows—and build PHP applications that run efficiently and effectively on an array of Windows technologies. Packed with hands-on exercises, this in-depth guide shows you how to use PHP to interact with Internet Information Services 7.5 (IIS), Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, and Active Directory®. You’ll quickly learn how to apply best practices for running PHP applications in a Windows environment.

Discover how to:
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database for PHP applications

  • Set up full-text search on SQL Server to help users find data quickly

  • Improve PHP application performance with IIS caching techniques

  • Configure IIS to help secure your PHP applications against attacks

  • Manage users and groups in Active Directory with a PHP application

  • Create a PHP LDAP browser to search for and view Active Directory data

  • Program Exchange Server with PHP, using Exchange Web Services (EWS)

  • About Arno HollosiArno Hollosi works as coordinator in the University Department for Internet technologies at CAMPUS 02, Graz, Austria. After studying telematics, he worked at the Institute for Applied Data Processing, where he focused on cryptography, PKI, and XML. Later, he worked as technical leader at the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, where he was responsible for the IT strategy, and later as a systems architect and quality manager for Siemens international projects.
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