Microsoft® Manual of Style, Fourth Edition

Microsoft® Manual of Style, Fourth Edition
Published:January 15, 2012Language:English
Author:Microsoft CorporationTechnology:Non-Microsoft Products And Technologies
Length:464 PagesISBN 13:9780735648715

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About The BookYour everyday guide to usage, terminology, and style for professional technical communications

Now in its fourth edition, the Microsoft Manual of Style provides essential style and usage guidance for everyone who writes about computer technology. Fully updated and optimized for ease of use, this reference features:

  • Glossary for 1000+ terms and acronyms

  • Clear, concise usage guidelines with examples and alternatives

  • Guidance on style, “voice,” formatting, and grammar

  • Best practices for writing web and global content

  • Guidance on accessibility considerations

  • Insights on emerging terminology and standards

  • About Microsoft CorporationDeveloped by senior editors and content managers at Microsoft Corporation.
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