Effective Time Management: Using Microsoft® Outlook® to Organize Your Work and Personal Life

Effective Time Management: Using Microsoft® Outlook® to Organize Your Work and Personal Life
Published:September 26, 2011Language:English
Author:Holger Woeltje and Lothar SeiwertTechnology:Microsoft Outlook 2010
Length:272 PagesISBN 13:9780735660045

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About The BookGet the skills to take control of your schedule

Take charge—and create an effective balance between your work and personal life with the help of Microsoft Outlook. In this practical guide, two experts teach you a proven time-management system, showing you how to set and manage your priorities with custom modifications to Outlook. Sharpen your focus, combat distractions—and manage your time with complete confidence.

Get the skills to take control of your schedule
  • Organize email in a systematic way and keep your inbox clean

  • Schedule time for productivity—and defend it against interruptions

  • Apply Outlook filters to help you manage tasks and projects

  • Make time for family and fun—plan your work and private lives together

  • Use Outlook with Microsoft OneNote® to capture ideas and set goals

  • Learn effective time management techniques with practical examples

  • About Holger Woeltje and Lothar Seiwert

    Lothar Seiwert, PhD, is a leading expert in the field of time and life management, a sought-after speaker and best-selling author. As managing director of the Heidelberg-based Seiwert Institute, Dr. Seiwert specializes in the fields of time management, life leadership and work/life balance. He is a member of the German Speakers Association, the German affiliate of the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

    Holger Woeltje is a leading expert in electronic time management. Working internationally with many Fortune 500 companies such as Credit Suisse, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa, SAP and ThyssenKrupp, he has learned what works. He teaches professional business strategies as well as delivering technology tips, in a humorous manner, packed with stories and real live examples. He’ll show you how to use Microsoft Outlook to focus on what matters most, get rid of email clutter, and really increase your productivity! ! You can contact him at his website at www.technoproductivity.com.
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