Start Here!™ Fundamentals of Microsoft® .NET Programming

Start Here!™ Fundamentals of Microsoft® .NET Programming
Published:October 15, 2011Language:English
Author:Rod StephensTechnology:Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Length:264 PagesISBN 13:9780735661684

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About The BookReady to learn programming? Start Here!™ Here's where you start learning how software works.

Grasp the basic concepts that drive all Microsoft® .NET-based languages—and prepare yourself to learn .NET programming. If you have absolutely no previous experience, no problem—simply start here! This ebook provides the foundation for all other .NET programming language books in the Start Here! series. You’ll explore programming concepts and techniques with clear explanations, easy-to-follow examples, and exercises. It’s the perfect reference for understanding how computer programs work.
  • Delve into object-oriented concepts such as properties, methods, and events

  • Discover what multiprocessing is—and how it’s changing computing

  • Examine how programs store data in files, object stores, and databases

  • Explore controls, such as labels, text boxes, menus, and scroll bars

  • Learn how programming environments help you design and run programs

  • Get an extensive glossary of key programming terms

  • About Rod StephensRod Stephens, president of Rocky Mountain Computer Consulting, Inc., is the author of more than 20 books and 250 articles about various programming topics. Rod has been a professional developer for more than 20 years during which time he has worked on an eclectic assortment of applications in such diverse fields as telephone billing, fuel taxes, waste water treatment, and professional football. Rod’s VB Helper Web site receives roughly 200,000 visits per month and provides more than 2,000 examples demonstrating specific programming techniques in Visual Basic, while his CSharpHelper Web site contains similar examples for C# programmers. Altogether, Rod’s writing, teaching, programming, and web site experience will be invaluable in making this book far more than a “term and concept” reference—the book will also stand on its own, providing the critical background information that the other books in the series would not have sufficient room to deliver.
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