Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010: Deploying Cloud-Based Solutions

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010: Deploying Cloud-Based Solutions
Published:October 07, 2011Language:English
Author:Phil WicklundTechnology:Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010
Length:472 PagesISBN 13:9780735662100

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About The BookExtend the reach of your SharePoint solutions—in the cloud

Take your Microsoft SharePoint solutions to the cloud—and gain scalability and high availability while helping to lower your operational costs. Led by a SharePoint expert, you'll learn hands-on how to customize and maintain SharePoint cloud solutions. You also get practical advice for migrating business solutions either to Microsoft SharePoint Online or to a private cloud, using your own data center. This is an ideal guide for IT professionals, architects, and decision makers.Extend the reach of your SharePoint solutions—in the cloud
  • Evaluate the ROI for using a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution
  • Build public cloud solutions on either a shared or dedicated server
  • Use Microsoft Office 365 for email, messaging, document authoring, and more
  • Customize SharePoint Online using sandboxed solutions and SharePoint Designer
  • Control identity management and authentication with Windows PowerShell®
  • Deploy SharePoint in a private cloud with Hyper-V® and Microsoft System Center
  • Improve private cloud automation, availability, and data isolation with multi-tenancy
  • About Phil WicklundPhil Wicklund is a frequent blogger, speaker, and author around SharePoint products and technologies. He started working with SharePoint back in 2003 and has since architected and administered many dozens of corporate SharePoint environments. He started as a SharePoint development instructor for Mindsharp, and has since moved into consulting at RBA Consulting, where he shares real-world insights and in-depth best practices with his clients of many varieties.
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