I. M. Wright's "Hard Code": A Decade of Hard-Won Lessons from Microsoft®, Second Edition

I. M. Wright's "Hard Code": A Decade of Hard-Won Lessons from Microsoft®, Second Edition
Published:July 15, 2011Language:English
Author:Eric BrechnerTechnology:Windows 7
Length:448 PagesISBN 13:9780735661707

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About The BookGet insider insights into development processes at Microsoft—and strive for software excellence.

Get the brutal truth about coding, testing, and project management—from a Microsoft insider who tells it like it is. I. M. Wright's deliberately provocative column "Hard Code" has been sparking debate amongst thousands of engineers at Microsoft for years. And now (despite our better instincts), we're making his opinions available to everyone.

In this collection of over 80 columns, Eric Brechner's alter ego pulls no punches with his candid commentary and best practice solutions to the issues that irk him the most. He dissects the development process, examines tough team issues, and critiques how the software business is run, with the added touch of clever humor and sardonic wit. His ideas aren't always popular (not that he cares), but they do stimulate discussion and imagination needed to drive software excellence.

Get the unvarnished truth on how to:
  • Improve software quality and value—from design to security

  • Realistically manage project schedules, risks, and specs

  • Trim the fat from common development inefficiencies

  • Apply process improvement methods—without being an inflexible fanatic

  • Drive your own successful, satisfying career

  • Don't be a dictator—develop and manage a thriving team!

  • Companion Web site includes:
  • Agile process documents

  • Checklists, templates, and other resources
  • About Eric BrechnerEric Brechner, Director of Development Excellence at Microsoft Corporation, has more than two decades experience in the software industry. He began writing “Hard Code” in 2001 as a resource for Microsoft employees. Since then, the opinion column has ignited an ongoing discussion of best practices among the thousands of software development engineers at Microsoft—and now, to the rest of the development community.
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