Programming Microsoft® ASP.NET MVC, Second Edition

Programming Microsoft® ASP.NET MVC, Second Edition
Published:October 15, 2011Language:English
Author:Dino EspositoTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Length:464 PagesISBN 13:9780735662841

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$ 44.99
About The BookYour expert reference to the principles, internal mechanics, and techniques for ASP.NET MVC 3

Delve into the features, principles, and pillars of the ASP.NET MVC framework—and begin building your own MVC-based apps quickly. ASP.NET MVC forces developers to think in terms of distinct components—Model, View, Controller—that make it easier to manage application complexity, while enabling strict control over the markup. Web development expert Dino Esposito illuminates the framework’s mechanics and shares best ways to use this programming model versus Web Forms.

Discover how to:

  • Exploit the separation of UI from code for more accurate design

  • Process and develop views using HTML helper components

  • Keep applications lean with good controller design

  • Combine view model objects, template editors, and validators to build effective data entry pages

  • Design views and controllers to be SEO-friendly and localization-aware

  • Use AJAX to take full control over HTML

  • Design for testability, extensibility, and security

  • See when and how to customize ASP.NET MVC

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