Start Here!™ Learn the Kinect™ API

Start Here!™ Learn the Kinect™ API
Published:July 15, 2012Language:English
Author:Rob MilesTechnology:Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Length:272 PagesISBN 13:9780735663961

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About The BookReady to learn Kinect programming? Start Here!™

Learn the fundamentals of programming with the Kinect™ API—and begin building apps that use motion tracking, voice recognition, and more. If you have experience programming with C#—simply start here! This book introduces must-know concepts and techniques through easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises.

Here’s where you start learning Kinect
  • Build an application to display Kinect video on your PC

  • Have Kinect take photographs when it detects movement

  • Draw on a computer screen by moving your finger in the air

  • Track your body gestures and use them to control a program

  • Make a program that understands your speech and talks back to you

  • Play a part in your own augmented reality game

  • Create an "air piano" using Kinect with a MIDI device
  • About Rob MilesRob Miles has been teaching computer programming for more than 25 years. An expert on Visual C#® and a Microsoft® MVP for Device Application Development, Rob enjoys inspiring new and experienced programmers. As well as writing his own games, programs, and poetry, Rob has consulted on a wide range of commercial software projects.
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