CompTIA® Security+™ Rapid Review (Exam SY0-301)

CompTIA® Security+™ Rapid Review (Exam SY0-301)
Published:December 15, 2012Language:English
Author:Michael GreggTechnology:Non-Microsoft Products And Technologies
Length:258 PagesISBN 13:9780735666856

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About The BookAssess your readiness for CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-301

Assess your readiness for CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-301—and quickly identify where you need to focus and practice. This practical, streamlined guide walks you through each exam objective, providing "need-to-know" checklists, review questions, tips, and links to further study—all designed to help bolster your preparation.

Reinforce your exam prep with a Rapid Review of these objectives:
  • Network security

  • Compliance and operational security

  • Threats and vulnerabilities

  • Application, data and host security

  • Access control and identity management

  • Cryptography

  • This book is an ideal complement to the in-depth training of the Microsoft Press® Training Kit and other exam-prep resources for CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-301.
    About Michael GreggMichael Gregg, Security+, A+, Network+, CISSP, SSCP, CISA, MCSE, MCT, CTT+, CNA, CCNA, CIW Security Analyst, CCE, CEH, CHFI, DCNP, and ES Dragon IDS, is founder and president of Superior Solutions, Inc., a Houston, Texas–based IT security consulting firm. Superior Solutions performs security assessments and penetration testing for Fortune 1000 firms. Michael has written or co-written 14 books.
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