Training Guide: Configuring Advanced Windows Server® 2012 Services

Training Guide: Configuring Advanced Windows Server® 2012 Services
Published:November 15, 2013Language:English
Author:Orin ThomasTechnology:Windows Server 2012
Length:836 PagesISBN 13:9780735674257

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About The BookConfiguring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

Designed to help enterprise administrators develop real-world, job-role-specific skills—this Training Guide focuses on advanced configuration of services necessary to deploy, manage and maintain a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. Build hands-on expertise through a series of lessons, exercises, and suggested practices—and help maximize your performance on the job.

This Microsoft Training Guide:
  • Provides in-depth, hands-on training you take at your own pace

  • Focuses on job-role-specific expertise for deploying and managing advanced infrastructure services in Windows Server 2012

  • Creates a foundation of skills which, along with on-the-job experience, can be measured by Microsoft Certification exams such as 70-412

  • Sharpen your skills. Increase your expertise.
  • Configure full forest and domain trust relationships

  • Configure Active Directory (AD) sites and manage AD replication

  • Implement advanced DNS and DHCP solutions

  • Install, configure, and manage AD Certificate Services

  • Manage backups and recover servers

  • Optimize storage and configure advanced file services

  • Manage failover clustering and Network Load Balancing

  • Move virtual machines from one Hyper-V server to another

  • Implement Dynamic Access Control and Active Directory RMS

  • Implement Active Directory Federation Services
  • About Orin ThomasOrin Thomas is a consultant, writer, and Microsoft MVP whose books include the Microsoft Press Training Kits for Exams 70-646, 70-647, 70-662, and 70-680. He is also a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro magazine.
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