Exploring Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013: New Features & Functions

Exploring Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013: New Features & Functions
Published:March 15, 2013Language:English
Author:Penelope CoventryTechnology:Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013
Length:200 PagesISBN 13:9780735675520

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About The BookYour guide to the most significant changes in SharePoint 2013.

Your guide to the most significant changes in SharePoint 2013.

Discover what’s new and what’s changed in SharePoint 2013—and get a head start using these cutting-edge capabilities to improve organizational collaboration and effectiveness.

Led by a Microsoft MVP for SharePoint, you’ll learn how to take advantage of important new features and functionality, including app development, collaborative social enterprise tools, enhanced versioning, themes, improved search, and an extended client object model.

Get an early, expert look at how to:

  • Develop SharePoint apps using collaborative social enterprise tools

  • Use the new Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) smart technology to consume less bandwidth

  • Version documents, list items, and entire parts of SharePoint with improved control

  • Use colors and styles to get a themed version of your CSS with a simple line of code

  • Extend the client object model with enhanced search capabilities
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