Microsoft® Office 365 Administration Inside Out

Microsoft® Office 365 Administration Inside Out
Published:October 15, 2013Language:English
Author:Julian Soh, Anthony Puca, Marshall CopelandTechnology:Microsoft Office 365
Length:800 PagesISBN 13:9780735678231

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About The BookConquer Microsoft Office 365 administration—from the inside out!

Dive into Office 365 administration—and really put your systems expertise to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. Discover how the experts tackle deployment, configuration, and management—and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery.

  • Simplify enterprise deployment with planning tools and tasks

  • Automate Office 365 processes with Windows PowerShell

  • Manage user identity with Active Directory and Single Sign-On

  • Monitor and maintain the health of Office 365 with Microsoft System Center

  • Implement Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online

  • Control variables in an Exchange Server hybrid implementation

  • Customize and deploy Office 365 Professional Plus

  • Explore real-world scenarios and apply insider management tips

  • For Intermediate to Advanced IT Professionals
    About Julian Soh, Anthony Puca, Marshall CopelandJulian Soh is a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Architect. He works with enterprise customers to evaluate, understand, plan, and design their Office 365 adoption. Julian has held several positions in Microsoft that cover the breadth of Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, System Center, SharePoint, and Exchange. Prior to joining Microsoft, Julian worked in IT and operations, holding technical and management positions.

    Anthony Puca, MVP, Datacenter Monitoring with Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager, is a Microsoft Datacenter Specialist, He consults with US state and local government accounts on Microsoft Windows Server, System Center, Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Technologies.

    Marshall Copeland, a Microsoft Datacenter Specialist, focuses on Windows Azure, Windows Server, System Management, Security, and Operational Business Intelligence. Marshall has presented at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference and the Microsoft Management Conference.
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