Microsoft® Visual C#® 2013 Step by Step

Microsoft® Visual C#® 2013 Step by Step
Published:November 15, 2013Language:English
Author:John SharpTechnology:Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Length:824 PagesISBN 13:9780735681835

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About The BookYour hands-on guide to Visual C# fundamentals

Expand your expertise—and teach yourself the fundamentals of Microsoft Visual C# 2013. If you have previous programming experience but are new to Visual C# 2013, this tutorial delivers the step-by-step guidance and coding exercises you need to master core topics and techniques.

Discover how to:
  • Create and debug C# applications in Visual Studio 2013

  • Work with variables, identifiers, statements, operators, and methods

  • Create interfaces and define abstract classes

  • Write robust code that can catch and handle exceptions

  • Display and edit data using data binding with Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • Respond to user input and touchscreen gestures

  • Handle events arising from multiple sources

  • Develop your first Windows 8.1 apps
  • About John SharpJohn Sharp is a principal technologist at Content Master, part of CM Group Ltd, a technical authoring and consulting company. An expert on developing applications with the Microsoft .NET Framework and interoperability issues, John has produced numerous tutorials, white papers, and presentations on distributed systems, Web services, and the C# language. He is the author of several popular books, including Microsoft Windows® Communication Foundation Step By Step and Microsoft Visual C# Step By Step.
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