Programming Windows®, Fifth Edition

Programming Windows®, Fifth Edition
Published:November 11, 1998Language:English
Author:Charles PetzoldTechnology:Microsoft Windows XP
Length:1520 PagesISBN 13:9781572319950

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$ 59.99
About The BookThe definitive guide to the Win32® API.

“Look it up in Petzold” remains the decisive last word in answering questions about Windows development. And in PROGRAMMING WINDOWS, FIFTH EDITION, the esteemed Windows Pioneer Award winner revises his classic text with authoritative coverage of the latest versions of the Windows operating system—once again drilling down to the essential API heart of Win32 programming. Topics include:

  • The basics—input, output, dialog boxes

  • An introduction to Unicode

  • Graphics—drawing, text and fonts, bitmaps and metafiles

  • The kernel and the printer

  • Sound and music

  • Dynamic-link libraries

  • Multitasking and multithreading

  • The Multiple-Document Interface

  • Programming for the Internet and intranets

  • Packed as always with definitive examples, this newest Petzold delivers the ultimate sourcebook and tutorial for Windows programmers at all levels working with Microsoft® Windows 95, Windows 98, or Microsoft Windows NT®. No aspiring or experienced developer can afford to be without it.

    An electronic version of this book is available on the companion CD.
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