Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services Step by Step

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services Step by Step
Published:September 06, 2000Language:English
Author:OLAP Train and Reed JacobsonTechnology:Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Length:400 PagesISBN 13:9780735609044

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About The BookLearn to add a new dimension to your data with analysis services!

MICROSOFT® SQL SERVER™ 2000 ANALYSIS SERVICES STEP BY STEP shows Microsoft Excel and Access experts, IS managers, and database developers how to build applications that take advantage of the powerful data-analysis services in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. You’ll discover why these services make it easier to analyze huge amounts of data quickly, and you’ll learn how to develop a wide range of advanced dimensional-data applications—from enterprise reporting tools to advanced decision-support systems. The book’s easy-to-follow lessons begin with clear objectives and include real-world business examples, with a companion CD full of sample files that support each lesson. This title shows you how to:

  • Administer the Analysis Manager: Understand the fundamentals behind data dimensions and hierarchies, data warehousing, and the Microsoft Analysis Services architecture, and use the Microsoft Analysis Manager application to define and populate data cubes.

  • Create and display cubes: Define and modify measures and dimensions. Design, build, process, and view cubes, from simple to advanced, with cube and dimension editors. Use Microsoft Excel PivotTable® Reports and the PivotTable List in Microsoft Excel to browse cubes, and create cubes using Microsoft Office.

  • Query cubes: Use multidimensional expressions (MDX) values and sets and the MDX Sample application to query and display dimensional data.

  • Perform advanced administration: Choose data storage options and the Storage Design Wizard to optimize, manage, and update data efficiently. Automate the Analysis server to process an OLAP database. Work with partitions and automate updates, and apply security to cubes.
  • About OLAP Train and Reed JacobsonOLAP Train is a curriculum-development company that specializes in OLAP and related data-warehousing technologies. Microsoft licenses OLAP Train's courseware for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 worldwide as Microsoft Official Curriculum titles.

    Reed Jacobson is consulting manager for Asperity Consulting and Training, an affiliate of OLAP Train. Reed is the author of MICROSOFT EXCELL 2000 VISUAL BASIC FOR APPLICATIONS FUNDAMENTALS, MICROSOFT OFFICE 2000 EXPERT COMPANION, and other Microsoft Press books. Aspirity provides consulting and training in OLAP and data warehousing to Microsoft and other clients worldwide.
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