Microsoft® Project 2000 Step by Step

Microsoft® Project 2000 Step by Step
Published:May 03, 2000Language:English
Author:Carl Chatfield, PMP, and Tim Johnson, MCPTechnology:Microsoft Project 2000
Length:448 PagesISBN 13:9780735609204

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About The BookLearn the latest version of the powerful project-management program the fast, easy way!

Work through every lesson to complete the full course or do individual lessons to learn just the skills you need. Either way, you get insightful tips from a PMI-certified professional project planner, who shows you how to use Project 2000 to manage projects effectively. You also get practice files on CD-ROM. Intuitive features make learning easy:1. Step numbers are your unmistakable guides through the lessons.2. Buttons and desktop icons show you where to point and click on the screen.3. Screen shots illustrate the lessons you’re working on.4. Tips provide alternate steps or additional information.5. Multimedia demos highlight key functions.Using this book and Microsoft Project 2000, you’ll learn to:
  • Forecast what you can accomplish with resources such as people, equipment, time, and money
  • Analyze information by using graphs and tables and publish your data in print or on line
  • Track how your projects progress and identify what to do if they don't proceed according to plan
  • Meet Microsoft Project 2000 Microsoft Office Specialist core-level and expert-level objectivesThis book is approved courseware for the Microsoft Office Specialist Program. Go to:
  • About Carl Chatfield, PMP, and Tim Johnson, MCPCarl Chatfield is the UA Manager for Project 2000. Carl is a certified Project Manger with extensive knowledge of Microsoft Project as well as specific usability issues. Carl has co-authored several titles for Microsoft Press, including the Office 97 Resource Kit.

    Co-authoring this title Timothy D. Johnson, a PSS support engineer who possesses in-depth technical knowledge about the software.

    This authoring team will be uniquely positioned to address the usability and technical issues associated with Project.
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