Microsoft® SQL Server 2000™ Performance Tuning Technical Reference

Microsoft® SQL Server 2000™ Performance Tuning Technical Reference
Published:July 03, 2001Language:English
Author:Edward Whalen, Marcilina Garcia, Steve Adrien DeLuca, Dean ThompsonTechnology:Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Length:464 PagesISBN 13:9780735612709

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About The BookThe in-depth, practical guide to performance tuning, optimization, and capacity planning

Performance tuning a relational database can be engaging yet frustrating, and this guide gives you the practical information you need to configure and tune a Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 database for better, faster, more scalable solutions. The authors start with the basics and build upon them to teach the mechanics of performance tuning and how they affect the whole system. This book also shows how to optimize for the underlying operating system and hardware. It’s the only book of its kind coauthored by engineers who have worked in the SQL Server performance group. Expert instruction helps you understand these topics:
  • THE BASICS: Architectural fundamentals that affect tuning; I/O tuning and RAID storage considerations; how to tune hardware, database layout, and configuration parameters; and feature enhancements for better ease-of-use, performance, manageability, and reliability.
  • SERVER TUNING: How to use the Microsoft Windows® 2000 System Monitor and the SQL Server Profiler to shorten transaction response times.
  • SIZING AND CAPACITY PLANNING: How to model software and hardware usage to predict resource consumption and conduct preconfiguration planning, and how to perform what-if scenarios about workload growth to avoid slow response times.
  • CONFIGURING AND TUNING: How to tune online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, data warehouses, and replicated systems, and how to set up your system for high-performance backup and recovery.
  • TUNING SQL STATEMENTS: How to get optimal performance by using Query Analyzer and Profiler to tune SQL statements and stored procedures, plus how to take advantage of indexes and hints.
  • About Edward Whalen, Marcilina Garcia, Steve Adrien DeLuca, Dean ThompsonEdward Whalen Mr. Whalen is founder and vice-president of Performance Tuning Corporation (, a consulting company specializing in database performance, administration, and backup/recovery solutions. Prior to Performance Tuning Corp., Mr. Whalen worked at Compaq Computer Corporation in the capacity of OS developer, and then as database performance engineer. He has extensive experience in database system design and tuning for optimal performance. His career has consisted of hardware, OS, and database development projects for many different companies. Mr. Whalen has published with Marcilina Garcia several books on SQL Server, such as Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Administrator’s Companion, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Performance Tuning Technical Reference, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administrator’s Companion, as well as two books on the Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Performance Tuning and Optimization and Teach Yourself Oracle8 in 21 Days. In addition, he has worked on numerous benchmarks and performance tuning projects with Microsoft and Oracle. Mr. Whalen is recognized as a leader in database performance tuning and optimization.

    Marcilina Garcia Mrs. Garcia is a senior consultant of Performance Tuning Corporation (, a consulting company specializing in database performance, administration, and backup/recovery solutions. Prior to Performance Tuning Corp., Mrs. Garcia worked at Compaq Computer Corporation in Houston, Texas, as a database performance engineer. As a consultant, she has worked for many companies in the areas of database performance benchmarks, SQL Server performance and database design, and system configuration and tuning. She and Edward Whalen have written three other SQL Server books for Microsoft Press, and Marcilina has written several whitepapers and a magazine article.

    Steve Adrien DeLuca Program Manager responsible for developing performance tools at Microsoft Corporation since 1998, Mr. DeLuca is currently developing performance and capacity planning solutions for Microsoft’s Distributed Management Division. While at Microsoft Mr. DeLuca has written three other books and has filed for eleven patents for work in capacity planning and performance. Prior to working at Microsoft, Mr. DeLuca worked as an architect engineer at Oracle Corporation, where he co-invented and developed the Oracle System Sizer. In addition to his work at Microsoft and Oracle, Mr. DeLuca has performed the function of performance engineer specializing in sizing and capacity planning for such organizations as DEC, Tandem, Apple, and the U.S. Air Force. Mr. DeLuca has been participating in performance benchmarks, developing performance tools, and lecturing about them around the world since 1980.

    Michael Dean Thompson Dean Thompson has worked as a Senior Consultant for Performance Tuning Corporation and as a Technology Specialist with Microsoft for SQL Server in the Gulf Coast District. Prior to Microsoft, Dean was an application development consultant in Dallas with over 13 years of experience. Currently, Dean is working as a contract database analyst and data architect in the Houston area. When he is not working on SQL Server, he is developing web applications in ASP and Perl, or performance tuning his Ford Mustang. Dean can be reached at His website is

    Jamie Reding A performance engineer with the SQL Server team at Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Reding is responsible for developing and maintaining the Transaction Processing Council (TPC) benchmark kits and analyzing SQL Server system performance. Prior to Microsoft, Mr. Reding worked at the Compaq Computer Corporation in the capacity of database performance engineer. Mr. Reding has been participating in performance benchmarks and systems analysis since 1984. In addition to his work at Microsoft and Compaq, Mr. Reding spent 11 years with the IBM Corporation.
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