Microsoft® Access Version 2002 Inside Out

Microsoft® Access Version 2002 Inside Out
Published:December 18, 2001Language:English
Author:Helen FeddemaTechnology:Microsoft Access 2002
Length:1152 PagesISBN 13:9780735612839

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About The BookConquer Access—from the inside out!

Conquer Access—from the inside out!Hey, you know your way around Access—so now dig into Version 2002 and really put your databases to work! This award-winning, supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in concise, fast-answer format—it’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks, and challenge yourself to new levels of Access mastery.
  • Build on what you already know about Access and quickly dive into what’s new
  • Ace database design fundamentals and avoid common pitfalls
  • Create custom forms, controls, and queries
  • Link to data from other databases and Microsoft® Office applications
  • Get more data-crunching power with code and add-ins
  • Learn the tricks that bring your forms and reports to life
  • Use data access pages and XML to deliver dynamic data on line
  • Bolt your Access front end to an enterprise-strength back end, such as Microsoft SQL Server™
  • Write your own code modules using Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA)Learn from an award winner! Microsoft Access Version 2002 Inside Out won the 2004 Referenceware Excellence Award in the category of Desktop and Office Applications at the Waterside 2004 conference. The award, sponsored by Books 24x7 and Waterside Productions, Inc., recognizes the book’s the quality of content organization, depth and quality of subject matter coverage, and graphics.CD-ROM FEATURES:
  • Intuitive HTML interface
  • Extensive collection of Microsoft add-ins and third-party utilities, demos, and trials
  • Sample databases and VBA code
  • Complete eBook—easy to browse and print!
  • Sample chapters from other INSIDE OUT Office XP books
  • Web links to Microsoft Tools on the Web, online troubleshooters, and product support
  • Microsoft Visio® auto-demos
  • Interactive tutorials
  • About Helen FeddemaHelen Feddema grew up in New York City. She was ready for computers when she was 12, but computers were not ready for her yet, so she got a B.S. in Philosophy from Columbia and an M.T.S. in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, while working at various office jobs. It was at Harvard that she got her first computer, an Osborne, and soon computers were her primary interest. She started with word processing and spreadsheets, went on to learn dBASE, and did dBASE development for six years, part of this time as a corporate developer. After being laid off in a flurry of corporate downsizing, she started doing independent consulting and development, using dBASE, ObjectVision, WordPerfect and Paradox.

    Always looking for something new and better, Helen beta tested Access 1.0, and she soon recognized that this was the database she had been looking for ever since Windows 3.0 was introduced and she saw the gap waiting to be filled by a great Windows database. Since then she has worked as a developer of Microsoft Office applications, concentrating on Access, Word and (since 1996) Microsoft Outlook®.

    Helen coauthored Inside Microsoft Access, (New Riders, 1992), and wrote two books for Pinnacle’s “The Pros Talk Access” series, Power Forms and Power Reports (1994). She also coauthored Access How-Tos for the Waite Group Press (1995), and contributed to The Microsoft Outlook Handbook (Osborne-McGraw-Hill), Que's Special Edition: Using Microsoft Outlook 97 (1997), and Office Annoyances (O'Reilly, 1997). She also contributed a chapter to Que’s Special Edition: Using Microsoft Project 98 (1997).
    More recently, Helen contributed five chapters on Outlook programming to Que's Special Edition: Using Microsoft Outlook 2000 (1999), and wrote DAO Object Model: The Definitive Reference for O'Reilly (2000). She is currently working on a book on the Outlook object model for O'Reilly. Helen has been a regular contributor to Pinnacle’s Smart Access and Office Developer journals, Woody’s Underground Office newsletter, PC Magazine's Undocumented Office and the MS Office and VBA Journal (now OfficePro). She wrote the Access Archon column for Woody's Office Watch (a weekly ezine) for several years; this column now appears in Woody's Access Watch, a bi-weekly ezine (Helen is the editor).

    Helen is a big-time beta tester, sometimes having 7 or 8 betas running at once, mostly Microsoft, but with some from other vendors as well.
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