Microsoft® Excel Version 2002 Step by Step

Microsoft® Excel Version 2002 Step by Step
Published:June 06, 2001Language:English
Author:Curtis FryeTechnology:Microsoft Excel 2002
Length:352 PagesISBN 13:9780735612969

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About The BookThe smart way to learn Microsoft® Excel—one step at a time!

Experience learning made easy—and quickly teach yourself how to use the data-presentation and number-crunching power in Microsoft® Excel Version 2002. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!
  • Master the tools for organizing, processing, and presenting data in Excel
  • Make data come alive with PivotTable® and PivotChart® reports
  • Use data-analysis tools and techniques for better decision-making
  • Tap external data sources—including other Microsoft Office applications—and add hyperlinks
  • Create your own macros
  • Help keep data secure as you share—and collaborate on—Excel documents over the Web
  • Prepare for the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOS) examThis book is approved courseware for the Microsoft Office Specialist Program. Go to:
  • About Curtis FryeCurtis Frye is a freelance writer from Portland, Oregon. He is the author of two books on Microsoft Access (Master Access 2000 Visually and Microsoft Access 2000 Step by Step Courseware Expert Skills Student Guide for ActiveEducation), three online courses for DigitalThink (Excel 2000: Data Formatting and Customization, Excel 2000: Data Analysis and Dissemination, and Advanced Database Design) and ActiveEducation's Introduction to ASP. He was also a major contributor to Eric and Deb Ray's Microsoft Access 2000 for Windows: Visual QuickStart, from Peachpit, and he writes "The Interoperability Corner", a monthly column for Jerry Olsen's All About Microsoft Word newsletter.

    Before beginning his writing career in June 1995, Curt spent four years with The MITRE Corporation as a defense trade analyst and one year as Director of Sales and Marketing for Digital Gateway Systems, an Internet service provider. Curt graduated from Syracuse University in 1990 with an Honors degree in political science. When not writing, Curt is a professional improvisational comedian with ComedySportz.
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