Microsoft® Visio® Version 2002 Step by Step

Microsoft® Visio® Version 2002 Step by Step
Published:September 12, 2001Language:English
Author:Resources OnlineTechnology:Microsoft Visio 2002
Length:304 PagesISBN 13:9780735613027

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About The BookThe smart way to learn Microsoft® Visio®—one step at a time!

Experience learning made easy—and quickly teach yourself how to produce professional-quality diagrams and drawings using Visio Version 2002. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need, or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!
  • Learn fast ways to format, resize, color, and connect shapes and diagrams
  • Produce everything from basic flowcharts and timelines to organization charts, office layouts, and network diagrams
  • Easily add drawings to Microsoft Office documents, e-mail, and the Web—and use links to keep changes in synch
  • Make your own stencils and templates
  • CD-ROM includes practice files
  • About Resources OnlineJennifer Angier has fifteen years’ experience writing and editing for training,
    technical, marketing, and employee communications purposes. For six of those
    years, she has specialized in creating online and print materials about technical
    subjects for non-technical audiences. Ms. Angier was editor for Microsoft Outlook
    2000 Step by Step.

    Nanette J. Eaton is an award-winning software writer and author of Microsoft Visio
    2002 Inside Out and Microsoft Works 2001 Step by Step, published by Microsoft Press.
    Formerly a managing Web editor and senior technical writer at Visio, she has written
    more than 20 user manuals and programmer guides.

    Lori Schultz Goff is a Seattle-based technical writer with more than ten years of
    software industry experience. She began her career writing training manuals for
    Microsoft developers. A former senior online help developer at Visio, she has written
    award-winning documentation about Visio products for eight years.

    Judy Lemke has more than seven years’ experience writing about and working
    with Microsoft Visio products. During this time, she has written Visio end-user
    documentation, developer documentation, and award-winning training materials.
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