Microsoft® Excel 2002 Visual Basic® for Applications Step by Step

Microsoft® Excel 2002 Visual Basic® for Applications Step by Step
Published:September 12, 2001Language:English
Author:Reed JacobsonTechnology:Microsoft Excel 2002
Length:336 PagesISBN 13:9780735613591

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About The BookTake creative control of the built-in programming language in Microsoft Excel 2002!

Teach yourself how to use Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) to take command of Microsoft Excel Version 2002. Choose your own best starting point in this self-paced guide to learn how to automate spreadsheets, write your own functions and procedures, customize menus and toolbars, and more. Easy-to-follow lessons with real-world scenarios and examples show you exactly how to maximize the built-in programming power in Microsoft Excel 2002. Numerous screenshots and a CD full of practice files help you master step-by-step programming procedures. Find out how to create custom solutions with Microsoft Excel and this book—then keep it nearby as an ongoing desktop reference to VBA functions and features. Learn at your own pace how to:

  • Use macros to automate simple and complex tasks

  • Manipulate workbooks and worksheets

  • Explore range objects

  • Work with graphical objects

  • Build and manipulate PivotTable® objects

  • Create loops and conditional statements with Visual Basic

  • Use dialog box controls on worksheets

  • Create and use custom functions and handle macro errors

  • Create custom toolbar buttons, menu commands, command buttons, event handlers, and dialog boxes
  • About Reed JacobsonReed Jacobson is Vice President at Consulting for LEX Software, a company that specializes in custom development services using Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, Micrsoft SQL Server™, and other products. Reed received a B.A. in Japanese and Linguistics, a MBA from Brigham Young University, and a graduate fellowship in Linguistics from Cornell University. He worked as a Software Applications Specialist for Hewlett-Packard for 10 years and ran his own consulting firm for five years.

    Reed is the author of Excel Trade Secrets for Windows®, Microsoft Excel 97 Step by Step Advanced Topics, and Microsoft Office 2000 Expert Companion. He has given presentations on Excel at TechEd and other Microsoft conferences and seminars. He has also created training videotapes for Excel and contributed to Inside Visual Basic.
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