Microsoft® Office XP Plain & Simple

Microsoft® Office XP Plain & Simple
Published:October 24, 2001Language:English
Author:Carol Brown and Resources OnlineTechnology:N/A
Length:368 PagesISBN 13:9780735614499

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About The BookYour fast-facts, no-jargon guide to Office XP!

Get the fast facts that make learning Office XP plain and simple!

Here’s WHAT you’ll learn:
  • Find the simplest ways to get stuff done in Microsoft® Office

  • Create professional-quality documents and publications

  • Manage your e-mail, address book, and calendar

  • Build spreadsheets and databases that do the math!

  • Produce and deliver great presentations

  • Build a Web site—for you, your company, your team

  • Here’s HOW you’ll learn it:
  • NUMBERED STEPS show exactly what to do

  • Color SCREEN SHOTS keep you on track

  • Handy TIPS teach easy techniques and shortcuts

  • Quick TRY THIS! exercises put your learning to work

  • CAUTION notes help keep you out of trouble
  • About Carol Brown and Resources OnlineCarol Brown has more than fifteen years of experience writing dozens of books and user manuals, online Help systems from the traditional to the revolutionary, training materials both computer-based and in print, and user interfaces from buttons to wizards. Before that she wrote the first guides to eating on the cheap in Seattle, served as a management and organizational consultant, taught high school math and science, created wearable art, and traveled the world.

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