Microsoft® FrontPage® Version 2002 Plain & Simple

Microsoft® FrontPage® Version 2002 Plain & Simple
Published:November 28, 2001Language:English
Author:Greg HoldenTechnology:Microsoft Frontpage 2002
Length:256 PagesISBN 13:9780735614536

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$ 19.99
About The BookYour fast-answers, no-jargon guide to FrontPage 2002!

Get the fast facts that make learning FrontPage® 2002 plain and simple!HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN:
  • Find the simplest ways to get stuff done in Microsoft® FrontPage
  • Quickly build your own site from scratch
  • Format text and graphics and use special effects
  • Add hyperlinks and a search function
  • Create a hit counter and feedback forms
  • Go behind the scenes—and tinker with HTMLHERE’S HOW YOU’LL LEARN IT:
  • NUMBERED STEPS show exactly what to do
  • Color SCREEN SHOTS keep you on track
  • Handy TIPS teach easy techniques and shortcuts
  • Quick TRY THIS! exercises put your learning to work
  • CAUTION notes help keep you out of trouble
  • About Greg HoldenGreg Holden has had Microsoft FrontPage very much on his mind, this book following on the heels of E-Commerce Essentials with Microsoft FrontPage, also published by Microsoft Press. Greg cut his computer book-writing teeth in 1995 with Publishing on the World Wide Web. Since then he has developed a following with books like Starting an Online Business for Dummies. Greg has created online courses on Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Word 2000, is a regular columnist for CNET, and has written articles for Forbes, PC World, and Computer User. Outside of the computer world, Greg has published poems and short stories and, most recently, Literary Chicago: A Book Lover's Tour of the Windy City, published by Lake Claremont Press.

    When his fingers aren't tapping computer keys or stained with the ink of the antique fountain pens he collects, Greg's hands are busy rehabbing his house on the North Side of Chicago. His greatest joy is not the sound of hammer, saw, or hard drive, but the laughter of his two daughters, Zosia and Lucy.
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